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  1. Davielovesgravy

    Other Get the best out of SG Platinum Cab Sauv kit

    Howdy all you wonderful squiffers. I’ve just put a highly recommended Solomon Grundy Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon kit on to ferment and just wondered if anyone has any tips for getting the very best out of this particular kit please? Mainly fermenting time, checking after 5days and bottling in...
  2. C

    Color of Cab @ 3 months aging?

    Just making sure. My Winexpert Lodi ranch 11 cab kit is now aged 3 months. The color is a medium dark reddish purple. See photo. Most cabs I have ever seen have this dark purple color but maybe this is different. Just concerned about oxidation. Is mine pretty par for the course at this point...
  3. DocDRB

    First go at California cabernet from grapes

    So I live in St. Louis Missouri. For the last few years I have been picking fresh Chambourcin grapes from a friends vineyard in Illinois. This year because of the odd weather his crop was pretty wrecked So we ordered some Kings River California Cabernet grapes. My first time making a Cabernet...
  4. F

    My 2nd Go at Winemaking...

    My first attempt winemaking is not over yet and I have already decided to do it again! Mainly because I consider my first go around a success, even though I have not bottled that batch yet. The Malbec kit tastes great already and can only improve from here on out. I owe all of my perceived...
  5. R

    H2S Smell followed by loss of color in Cab and Syrah

    I made two wines last Fall from some CA Cabernet and Syrah grapes. I added some DAP and Fermaid to both musts at the outset, and again about 3 days into the fermentation. I kept the buckets in my cellar which was about 55F at the time. The fermentations of both wines were extremely robust, to...
  6. tradowsk

    Oaked cab sauv port

    I have a WE Lodi Cab Sauv that's getting close to bottling, and I was toying with the idea of taking 1 gallon off and making a port out of it. My family loves port wines, and this cab sauv has some great flavors that I think would do well in a port style. My only concern is that I oaked this...
  7. ringmany

    Showcase or International kits & suggestions?

    Hi everyone, Been brewing wine for little over a year, variety of kits, usually Kenridge classic, California Connoisseur, Beaverdale etc. Now I'm looking at the premium stuff such as: Kenridge Showcase Eclipse Selection I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for one of the kits or a...
  8. R

    Follow juice directions or go by readings?

    Hi everyone! This is my first go at winemaking and I am not sure what I should do. It's day 8.5 into primary fermentation on my Wine Expert Cabernet (using a Master Vintner kit). Day 1 reading was 1.082. The directions that came with the juice say that I should move on to step 2...
  9. W

    Medicinal taste in Chilean cab

    Anyone know how to get medicinal taste out of a chilean cab? I added dried elderberries to both this & the Chileaan Malbec but that does not taste medicinal
  10. D

    Cabernet Sauvignon of wedding

    I need some help choosing a kit. I am getting married on August 3rd of this year and want to make 2 kits to hand out with labeled bottles as favors. We are using 375 ml bottles and each household (55) is getting one bottle. The intention is to tell people to take the bottle home and on our 1...
  11. tradowsk

    Overoaked in 3 days?!

    I have a 6 gallon WE Eclipse cab sauv in a carboy after a 6 week EM. I used the included hungarian oak cubes but I wanted more oak. So on Tuesday 10/9 I added 2/3 spiral of Medium+ french oak and 1/4 spiral of Heavy french oak. I wanted to add toasty, chocolately flavors to balance the...
  12. NDengineer

    Oak Toast for Cabernet Sauvignon

    I'm making my first Cab using the Master Vintner Cab kit, and would like some suggestions on what level of toast to use for oak cubes. A 50/50 combination of american and french oak seems like it should balance out the wine. I'm leaning towards medium-plus toast, but have medium, medium...
  13. mjrisenhoover

    3rd place San Mateo County Fair

    2012 Cabernet made from frozen must from the Musso & Viscussi Vineyard on the Silverado Trail that I got from Brehm's. As far as I know there may have only been three entries but I feel kind of proud about it. The judges notes were very interesting.
  14. MiraNapa

    Hello From Mira Winery

    Hello everyone! I am with Mira Winery located in Napa, California and Charleston, South Carolina. We LOVE wine and we hope to engage in some fun and interesting wine talk with all of you. We have been making wine for a number of years, but our most recent accomplishment is making the first...