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  1. m_kluch

    Unorthodox Blueberry Wine Recipe and Procedure- Thoughts?

    Met a couple on the 4th of July that brought over a homemade bottle of blueberry wine to the party. Got to talking and this is what they told me about their recipe and procedure. Ingredients list 9lb frozen wild blueberries 12.5lb sugar Water 1 packet Red Star Premier Classique 1 packet Red Star...
  2. Northerngal

    Blueberry Wine Brewlog

    Blueberry Wine Jan 7 2021 15x600g blueberries (PC Canadian Wild) (Small amt of blackberries, cherries, strawberries & raspberries) 2000g blueberries (PC naturally imperfect cultivated blueberries) Freeze/Thaw/Squish & Pectic Enzyme in primary for 24hrs 11kg or 24.25 lbs total for 6.5 gal...
  3. Cellar Vader

    Blackberry/Blueberry Fermentation

    Well I took advantage of a sale that Meijer currently has on Blackberries AND Blueberries today, and purchased 5# of "Black" and 2# of "Blue." $12 total is a deal by MY standards! I plan to make a 1-gallon batch, and after perusing a number of recipe threads here, I've decided to ferment these...
  4. F

    Blueberries: lbs/gal?

    I have finally reached the end of the internet searching recipes to find the answer... How many pounds of blueberries per gallon of wine do you prefer? It should be interesting to collect responses to a poll, to see this community's preferences. I am allowing up to 3 choices for your response...
  5. C

    How long is TOO long to leave in primary fermentation?

    This is my first time making wine from fruit. I made from a kit once before and it turned out amazing, but I am now attempting to make from real fruit. I seem to be having quite a bit of trouble with fermentation and worry my wine might be ruined. Here is what has happened: I made my wine...
  6. C

    Blueberry wine fermentation guidance

    I am new to winemaking. I have made wine once before, but it was from a kit. I recently began making blueberry wine from fresh blueberries. I am currently in the primary fermentation phase, or so I think. When I added my smashed blueberries and sugar, I got my specific gravity to 1.096 before...
  7. F

    fresh batch questions

    I have started my first batches of wine this week- it's been years since I did more than hard cider. Not one for starting terribly slow, I have three going at once. My intention was apple wine, but ended up with a hard cider and more apple butter instead, time constraints in December. So when a...
  8. C

    First Port

    Hi All, First, this forum has been a wonderful resource as we started making wine! We're trying our first port style wine. Originally, we planned us chaptalization to get the ABV up as high as possible before fortifying. Using EC-1118, we brook the 21% barrier,so now we are just going to...
  9. Allie Geiger

    Should I puree my berries?

    I am making a saskatoon (service berry), blueberry mix. I'm a bit short on berries so I am going to supplement with a little concord grape juice. Should I puree my berries before-hand, or just thaw and squeeze? Thanks
  10. Leela

    Add Tannin to blueberry wine?

    Any people out there experienced in making blueberry wine have an opinion on whether or not to add tannin to blueberry wine. It's my understanding that blueberries already contain plenty, so would adding tannin effect the taste negatively?
  11. R

    Blueberry wine - Lees in Secondary Fermentation Carboy and other issues

    Hello! I have been brewing a blueberry wine and have recently gone from the primary fermentation bucket to a secondary fermentation carboy (after ten days in the primary fermenter). The fermentation is going along very well, although I am a bit concerned that I waited a bit too long to rack...
  12. SLoizeaux

    Need to sweeten blueberry wine

    I made 5 gallons of Blueberry wine this summer, with 25 lbs of blueberrys and 11 lbs of sugar and 2 cans of welshes concentrated gape juice. It fermented out fine actually too well. The hydrometer reading is 0.98 and it tastes like it has a lot of alcohol, but lacks blueberry flavor and some...
  13. Northerngal

    Fruit of BC Wine Brewlog (rhubarb crabapple blueberry grape)

    To start with: 1800g crabapple concentrate (slowly simmered and mashed crabapples in water) 3000g rhubarb (frozen thawed, chopped) 2300g blueberries (frozen thawed) 2L apple juice (W Family) 1.36L "Blueberry Harvest" juice (Sunrype) 5.44L white grape juice (W Family) 60mL lemon juice "Banana...
  14. C

    Acidity check: now or later?

    Making two 6 gallon batches of blueberry wine. I had a question about adjusting the total acidity. I didn't check it when I first started the wine and I had added acid blend. Should I have checked at the beginning? Should I check the acidity and adjust it now? Or should I wait and...
  15. Dirtydog420

    First try at blueberry wine..

    Im getting ready to start a blueberry wine in a few day and want to get a few questions answered.. 1.) Can I get some detailed instructions on a good starter yeast recipe (im going to use lalvin k1-v1116 dry yeast pack)? 2.) I read adding bananas add some body and yeast really like it. I...