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    How do you add body to Apfelwine?

    This won't help with this batch, but I've made cider using kveik yeast. Only additives were nutrients and oak chips in primary. I used The Yeast Bay Sigmund Voss Kveik, underpitched (4 ml yeast in 18 liters), fermented hot (38 C), lots of nutrients. It fermented in about 3 days. The flavor from...
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    Patience pays off

    @skyfire322 that's encouraging to hear. I started the WE LE18 Barbaresco in the summer, did an 8 week EM, and was really underwhelmed by the flavor. Watery, as you say. I added extra oak to that provided, it's just quietly bulk aging now. I've mentioned it here before asking for advice and...
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    Cider - cold maceration?

    I'm making a nice 18 liter batch of cider from a mix of storebought local apple ciders. I also added 1200 grams of crabapples and 200 grams of rowanberries for tartness and complexity. I added Campden and it's outside on the balcony to await pectic enzyme and yeast. But I got to thinking about...
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    Wine volcano :(

    You know I've read about it, read the warnings, but you never really know until it happens to you. First time using my 27 liter XL Fermonster as primary vessel for a 23 liter (plus 2+ liters of volume for the grape skins) Winexpert Selection Sangiovese kit wine, using BM4x4 which already seems...
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    Post your labels here

    I made a label for my mojito skeeter pee :) wraparound because I bottled it in 330 ml beer bottles. Painted in Corel Painter, edited in Photoshop/Illustrator. His wings are mint leaves :3
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    Other Extended Maceration Eclipse Lodi 11 Cab

    Thanks, must is made up sans bentonite, rehydrating BM4x4 now. Weird, I wonder why the LE18 came out like that. Welp, it's in the carboy now, will just see what happens in 8 months or so. Worst case it will make some fancy red wine vinegar ;)
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    Other Extended Maceration Eclipse Lodi 11 Cab

    I am about to do my second kit with EM, the WE Italian Sangiovese (formerly called Brunello style). I am wondering whether to leave out the bentonite. My first kit was the LE18 Barbaresco, 8 week EM, and I did use bentonite. But upon tasting it was rather thin and watery although I followed the...
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    WineXpert WE Selection Luna (avec battonage)

    Bâttonage and a little taste today. Really nice! Fresh pineapple, biscuit, fresh bread and a hint of butter. Feels like I am on the right track.
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    WineXpert WE Selection Luna (avec battonage)

    Mine was dark brown at the beginning. I think it's common for white wine kits to be brownish to start with. Now it's sort of medium amber in the carboy (hard to tell since I'm doing batonnage which affects the color temporarily), but wine is always darker in the carboy than in the glass.
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    Does Metabisulfite Expire?

    I remember reading that Jack Keller throws his out after 6 months. When you think of the important job it has to do and the expense of the wine compared to the Campden it makes sense to be on the safe side.
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    WE LE18 Barbaresco-Stuff On Surface

    I do it with everything! It takes a few days but it's fun to see the layers settle. I use assorted size glass jars, 3L, 2L, and different size pickle and jam jars. I let it settle completely, then do a quick 'n dirty rack by pouring into a smaller jar, nothing fancy. Repeat as necessary...
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    WE LE18 Barbaresco-Stuff On Surface

    Just added the coldcrashed wine. I didn't measure but I think my estimate of 500ml was pretty accurate. There is still room in the carboy though so I am going to top off to the neck with the cheapest barbaresco i could find. I think it will take about one bottle. I had to add 1.5 bottles to my...
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    WineXpert WE Selection Luna (avec battonage)

    I actually lived in SE PA for a long time, practically neighbors :) wasn't into winemaking at that time though. Well that is great news. I really loved the taste I had. Makes me even more excited for bottling day.
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    WineXpert WE Selection Luna (avec battonage)

    I had to google QPR but yeah, even here in Sweden with our state monopoly I thought the price was reasonable: 119 sek/$12. Will definitely buy again if I am headed to the state store. Is the finished Luna Bianca comparable in profile?
  15. motherofgallons

    WineXpert WE Selection Luna (avec battonage)

    The 23L carboy was not full even with the whole kit so I just got around to getting storebought wine to top off with. It took 1 1/2 bottles!! I used a sur lie aged chardonnay from Washington state called Chateau Ste Michelle, a full bottle of 2016 and when that wasn’t enough I went back and...