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    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Great label and cool dragon
  2. Jasper24

    Hello from Idaho

    Welcome Harry and enjoy the forum people are very friendly her
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    New guy from Ohio

    Happy New Year to you and please enjoy the forum
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    Hey from Arkansas!

    W welcome and please enjoy the forum
  5. Jasper24

    starting again in little Texas..

    Welcome and please enjoy the forum
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    Greetings from the Republic of Redneckia! (Alabama)

    Welcome and enjoy the forum
  7. Jasper24

    transfer pump vs all in one

    The all-in-one is a great tool to have. Being disabled I don't need to have my wife or care attendants lift the carboys for me. Plus you can use it for plastic carboys as well which I have several
  8. Jasper24

    Which Label

    The second one I like the river and sun in that one
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    Corker help

    We had the same problem with our floor corner. For us it had to do with bottle placement and the speed we were trying to cork the bottles at. If your bottle plate that holds the bottle is tilted turn it so there is as little tilt as possible. Also go slower when corking the bottle. Allow the...
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    New Recipe

    Pineapple coconut cleared and ready for the rum. Hopefully next weekend I will be bottling this and my blueberry peppermint. Both have great flavor to me at least :thg Have a great thanksgiving everyone
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    Hello from SW Virginia.

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with the wine.
  12. Jasper24

    Help needed for clearing pear wine

    Brigitte I hope you get this cleared up. I had a peptic haze that I was never able to get rid of in a watermelon wine I made good luck
  13. Jasper24

    New Recipe

    Brigitte how do you use chocolate do you put in primary or secondary do you break it up or crush it any help would be great. Plus I will get you the blueberry recipe today.
  14. Jasper24

    New Recipe

    Scooter68 thanks for the reply. You are right that does sound good. I was thinking about using it to help with a grape juice wine that I am thinking of making along with chocolate. Who knows the possibilities are endless. Take care
  15. Jasper24

    Super kleer vs sparkolloid?

    I used super kleer on a pineapple coconut wine and in just two day it was almost completely clear. After filtering it, it looking amazing