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    Bulk aging vs. bottle aging

    I had asked roughly the same question a while ago. No chemical/Black magic in bulk vs 750ml. It came down to : Carboy, not too accessible. Bottle aging, too easy to access.
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    Count me in
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    Designing labels

    Will not be the cheapest, but I have used Custom Labels | Personalized Labels, Invitations, Stickers, Tags, Coasters | Evermine. High quality, Design friendly web site and good service
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    1st time using Shrink caps

    I have yet to use shrink caps, but making daughters wedding wine so I want the presentation to look better. Any hints/tips/suggestions would be helpful. Brands to buy/avoid?, heat gun/ steam? Thanks in advance
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    Beverly Hills 👍
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    your cabinet knobs are neither centered nor justified right and to the lower corners, there are exposed hinges, your faucet when turned off should be returned to vertical and yes my outlet cover screws are aligned to vertical; if not civilization will crumble
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    What's for Dinner?

    Looking forward to my first pastrami with overstocked corned beef: Did you use the Katz recipe from Amazing
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    What do you drive.....

    Me: 2021 GMC Yukon Denali Duramax. Like flying a small plane. Neck snapping torque off the line, incredible ride, good on mileage. Wife: 2018 Equinox, wonderful SUV. Son: 2000(!) GMC Sierra Step side Z71. Other than a little rust on the wheel wells, salt pitting on the wheels, looks factory new
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    Sanitizing Bottles What do you use (Poll)

    I find a light tapping of quartz crystal to my bottles and equipment seems to keep them clean. If they are really dirty I will apply essential oils
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    What's for Dinner?

    Question: 24 hours under water?
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    What other foods/drinks do you craft?

    Looks great! Kimchi is like chili, there's no bad way to make it once you get the basics down
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    What other foods/drinks do you craft?

    Was joking... sausage is still on the list...beef sausage We I worked in France I was offered some cured sausage, that to my American palet was a. very pork and b.very soured. Still ate it to be polite but it was 12hrs of white knuckle waiting for vomiting. Happy ending, None came
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    What other foods/drinks do you craft?

    Ok, sausage off the to do list
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    What other foods/drinks do you craft?

    Got a cheap (Ananova) sous vide about a year ago for Steaks: I like mine rare, wife medium. I sous vide to rare, finish on the grill keeping my wifes on for longer, both happy. Everything I have made in sous vide has been great. Did a pork loin last week for the first time and ,oh my gosh...