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    Beet Wine - My First Attempt

    I know this is an old thread but I’m just now getting ready to start a batch of beet wine. Did the acid blend work better? Any changes you would recommend? Thanks in advance for any input.
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    Wine Kitz Any kits for rose'?

    I have to ask, but why put 1/2 of fpac in primary? I made a few changes, first was increasing OG to 1.100 with corn sugar (dextrose), added Bentonite after fermentation right before stabilizing. I got a full 6 gallons from the kit. This has to be the best tasting kit so far. Cleared quickly...
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    Wine Kitz Any kits for rose'?

    I just finished that kit, yes nice rose’ wine and great tasting too
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    What R you doing today?

    I have the Strawberry Rhubarb going now! My test batch was a big hit with friends and family so making a larger one now. I like your idea on blueberry mint too. I have mint started and was looking for more ideas on a blend.
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    We had this very problem, and me having a compromised immune system I seemed to attract the damn things. We tried every thing, ended up with Terminex and that solved it. Now we have them come 4 times a year.
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    And 2 bottles of blueberry I just finished ..... wait ..... am I suppose to be corking or drinking ???
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    I’m just going to throw this out there. I just finished a Winexpert Moscato Kit (only tweak was added dextrose), instead of bottling I racked into smaller carboys and blended different fruit flavors, even blended a peach wine from last year (corked 4 bottles of that), and thinking about blending...
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    What R you doing today?

    I’m cleaning carboys out getting ready for tomorrow. Wife got a job at our local school as cook, tomorrow they are serving strawberries, she asked if I could use the left over juice. I have no idea what I’m getting .......... chef’s surprise?
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    Dried Sour Cherries

    I made a batch using dried tart cherries. Wasn’t bad but the color was a light brown, really didn’t look like wine more like rum. I ended up using a Concord grape base, and a bottle of Tart Cherry concentrate (liquid) for flavor. Now that was good, real nice color.
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    I have the same setup, did a Black Cherry kit complete in the fermenter but when it came to bottling the first gallon I put into a carboy (you will get some lees off the sides). I’m thinking it may be best to rack from the top first, then use the bottom bottling feature to put into carboy for...
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    Fermentation Question

    I was up all night trying to figure out how Friar Tuck sanitized his equipment....... I mean they didn’t have tap water, and if he used creek water who is to say some one upstream didn’t use the creek to relieve themselves.............
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    Thank you, and this is why it is a good idea to ask if your not sure. I do have both on hand, letting things come to room temperature before I do anything. I’m learning and appreciate your input.
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    OK, I did not see that option for extra concentrate or dextrose but on the description it stated for 3 gallons but enclosed in the box it is 6 gallons. Reducing the amount of added water should be the same as adding extra, correct?
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    So I just received my Winexpert Island Mist Strawberry Kit. Any seggestions on this kit? I have made the Black Cherry, turned out OK just looking to up my game so to say. Thanks in advance.
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    Where do you get your honey?

    I just started my first batch of mead, found honey at a local small grocery store that carried local farmed honey. Not bad in price either, $4 per pound 5lbs bottles.