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    Purchasing Fungicide

    I can't speak to the others, but Immunox has the same active ingredient as Eagle and Rally (myclobutanil), and is labeled for grapes. It can be purchased at big box stores, lots of regular home garden stores or online, including from Amazon.
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    Varieties for central Massachusetts

    Hi Ron, You should start by getting a soil test. It'll tell you if you need to make any amendments, which are much easier to do before planting. It looks like UMass can do these for you: I send mine to UVM, which provides plant specific guidelines, including those...
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    Marquette harvest today in MN

    Ugh, sorry to hear that. I hope your other vineyard is ok.
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    Marquette harvest today in MN

    Nice looking grapes, Rich! I'll be interested to hear what extension says and if you see any damage to your fruit. We've had them here for several years (I think the working theory at one time was that they came north with Irene?) and they do a number on the blueberries and blackberries, but...
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    Champlain Valley - Grapemans' vineyard - Planting to small winery

    That's incredible, Rich. We're not that far from you and just barely finished verasion, putting us pretty much on pace from last year, maybe a little ahead. We didn't hit 19 Brix until the first week in September. Did you do something different with the canopy management this year?
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    Marquette is already 22! What to do?

    Hope it went well for you. Similar to grapeman, the hot weather last week caused some problems with our Marquette. I was hoping to make it a few more days, but ended up picking today. 23.8 brix, 3.2 pH, 1.56 TA.
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    Champlain Valley - Grapemans' vineyard - Planting to small winery

    Glad to read that things are looking good on the health front! 2 miles!? We did 1,000 feet of bird netting on Saturday and I was glad we didn't have to do more.
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    Help Needed with Timing of Netting Installation

    Thanks, Berl. I use a backpack sprayer as well and it's helpful to know that you've been able to spray successfully with the nets installed. I checked with a few commericial Vermont vineyards. Shelburne Vineyards doesn't use bird netting on their Marquette grapes and said that Lincoln Peak...
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    Help Needed with Timing of Netting Installation

    Thanks for the input, everyone. Our vineyard is relatively small - about 230 vines total, 100 of which are Marquette. Rich - very similar situation here. I sprayed last Saturday and while we somehow dodged the rain that you saw, the forecast is predicting possible heavy rain for Thursday...
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    Help Needed with Timing of Netting Installation

    Veraison started on our Marquettes last week and I have our netting ready to go. Any advice about when I should install it? This is our first year with a harvest, so I'm a bit in the dark about timing. I don't want to install it too soon because of the potential for late seasons...
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    Bordeaux Mixture Fungicide

    Does anyone have a recommendation on what ratio to use when mixing a Bordeaux mixture for in-season mildew control? The UC Davis site recommends 10-10-100, but it's unclear to me whether that is for a dormant spray or an in-season spray. Other sites indicate a 1-1-100 ratio.
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    Green Insect on Underside of Leaf

    This might be a useless post without photos, but here it goes... I'm out of town from my vineyard but my father reports that there are some greenish yellow colored insects on the underside of a number of our petite pearl leaves. They are slightly smaller than a grain of rice and the infected...
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    Vineyard From the Beginning- Grapeman

    Looks fantastic, Rich! Nice to finally have more than two days in a row of sunny weather, isn't it?
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    Grapes don't look right

    For future reference, I've attached an image of the stages of grapevine growth that I downloaded from the MSU website a few years ago.
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    Frost Protection

    Glad to hear everyone else did ok, we were fine as well. We had cloud cover, rain showers and wind until about midnight (we were at the southeastern end of that narrow band that was running through Saranac Lake) which I think delayed the cold in arriving. It got down to 34 at about 4am but...