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Jan 19, 2018
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Daves DB calls for Sparkloid (or other product) so I went with the Sparkloid for my first DB batch. The wine looks and smells amazing. So following the directions, I mixed up the stuff according to the label. I used half of it in a 3gal carboy and left the remaining half in my graduated plastic measuring tube. I came back to it about 45min later and WOW! Was I surprised... I had no idea what sparkloid is/was and certainly no idea on how it works. What I had in my tube was a gelatinous plug of brown stuff. Actually, it was kind of cool. :)

So, newbie question about this stuff.

How does it actually work? And can this be done between my racking from one glass carboy to another? (I've racked everything out of PF/plastic pail and it's been about 2-3 weeks in carboys and lees have settled nicely)

It was like brown jello in a plug/slug. lol.