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Oct 8, 2009
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Hello to all,
This is my first year in winemaking, I harvested 500kg of Cab-Sauvignon grapes from 8yr old vines, I crushed and destemmed on on Sat Oct 3rd. The must was at 26.5 Brix and 20 Celsius.
I added 50g of Potasium Bi-sulfate on day 1 and added 50g DAP and inoculated with D254 yeast on day2.
I am fermenting in an open top poly bin and it's under a shade in the outside.
The the temperature has been about 17C.
I would like to get advice as to what to expect in terms of fermentation rate?
What is the normal or expected rate of alcohol production, I am planning on buying a hydrometer to check density (therefore sugar/alcohol changes) what scale do you recomenned and why? Brix, Baume, SG, Oe etc...

Salud y Saludos
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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Thats a little cool so fermetation will be sluggish. Im guessing youll end up with about 100 gallons or near there, do you have variable capacity tanks for this? I would get a triple scale hydrometer or better yet a refractometer since you are dealing with grapes so you can check out the brix of the grape before you buy or if you are harvesting your own get a better idea of when they are truly ripe.