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  1. JCBurg

    Petite Pearl yeast selection

    Man I am posting a lot lately, it must be getting close to wine season.... Anyways I am making petite pearl this year and I have picked a few candidates for fermentation yeasts. I will be picking and crushing probably late sept. Or early Oct. because it’s a late ripening grape, and I live in...
  2. mjenkins

    Best Yeast for Pinot Noir

    I'm about to start a kit (Wine Expert Eclipse Pinot Noir). The kit came with LALVIN RC212 as the yeast. I've used the same yeast before with different kits and have had acceptable (bronze medal) results. The RC212 seems like a solid choice but I am curious if there is a better (gold medal)...
  3. J

    What to do after the first Fermentation?

    I am looking to start producing my own wine from grape juice to start. I have done lots of research and only have a few questions before starting. After the first fermentation (5-7 days) and the yeast begins to die and settle. Should I pour the wine into a new container to remove the dead yeast...
  4. G

    Yeast suggestions for Malbec and Pinot Grigio juice

    Ok, planning for the making wine with fresh grape juice I'll be picking up in April (Luva Bella). Thinking about making a Malbec and Pinot Grigio. Suggestions on what yeast to use? My initial selection: Lavlin ICV D-47 for the Pinot, and Pasteur Red for the Malbec? Recommend using...

    Choosing the Best Yeast for Your Wine

    Yeast selection is one of the most important decisions in the winemaking process. The yeast strain you use will determine the style of wine you create, as well as the characteristics that the wine may take on. To determine the best yeast to be used, you should match the yeast strain with the...