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  1. Nicholas DiNapoli

    For Sale Well Maintained Wine Making Equipment near Jersey Shore

    I have a well maintained and clean large capacity Italian basket Press (hand crank) with blocks, Clean and well maintained Italian Hand crank crusher/destemmer, Large capacity black fermentation bin in perfect condition, all for sale for $500 ($2,000+ when new!). I have lots of other wine...
  2. C

    For Sale Used Polyethylene Plastic Tanks for Liquid Storage

    For Sale: "Pasco Poly" 500 Gallon Food-Grade Polyethylene Tanks with steel bases. Have been used for both dairy and wine storage, sanitized before and after each use. No defects or issues, we simply need the space. Two (2) tanks are available with cooling coils. Three (3) more tanks are...
  3. C

    For Sale Meheen 6-Head Glass Bottle Filler

    Automatic counter-pressure filling with 6 fill-heads. Automatic crowning, no capper. Semi-automatic rinsing. Spec sheet and pictures attached. Item is in a large wooden crate and ready to go. Buyer to pay for shipping.