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For Sale Used Polyethylene Plastic Tanks for Liquid Storage

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Dec 23, 2022
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West Tennessee
For Sale:
"Pasco Poly" 500 Gallon Food-Grade Polyethylene Tanks with steel bases. Have been used for both dairy and wine storage, sanitized before and after each use. No defects or issues, we simply need the space. Two (2) tanks are available with cooling coils. Three (3) more tanks are available but do not have cooling coils. We also have two (2) smaller 250 Gallon tanks available (no cooling coils).

500 Gallon Capacity
Height – 78”
Tank Diameter – 45”
Top Man Door/Lid Diameter – 21”
Man Door Inside Measurements – 17”x13.5”
Flat bottom
2 Racking/drain ports (2” opening)
Tubular Steel Base Height – 15.5”
Internal Glycol Cooling Coil
External insulating wrap

500 Gallon Tanks w/cooling coils - $3,500

500 Gallon Tanks no cooling coils - $3,000

250 Gallon Tanks no cooling coils - $1,500

Located in West Tennessee

Original Manufacturer:


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