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  1. YoungsBlock19

    Ooo-ooo that smell! Can you smell that smell?

    Apologies to Lynard Skynard. Caught a subtle wiff of H2S in my fermented/MLF-completed wine. Subtle, but it's there. Need suggestion(s) for next steps, from simple to more aggressive remediation. I have yet to rack the wine post-MLF. I had a surgery that prohibits me from lifting my carboys...
  2. KAndr97

    Using CO2 to deal with H2S

    So I'm making some Strawberry wine with 71b and I've ended up with some H2S. It's very noticeable, albeit a lot better with a splashy racking. I'm sure that I can fix it with a few more of these, but I'm also sure that I'll oxidize the heck out of my wine in doing this. Would it be possible to...