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  1. D

    DIY Smelling Kits

    Okay, so smelling kits are expensive... Aromabar - $329 (50 vials) Aromaster - $469 (88 vials) Le Nez du Vin - $399 (54 vials) I can buy 100 2g amber screw top vials on amazon for $20, and I have alot of the scents in raw form, or can obtain them quite easily. I've read some articles on DIY...
  2. Tall Grass

    stinky smelly odorous plastic buckets

    i've bought a bunch of 23 litre plastic fermenting buckets from the local wine shop. For $2 what's not to like but often they just stink from the wine they made in them. I've rubbed down a few with sanitizing solution to no avail... would it be safe to soak these in B-Brite over night...