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Mar 17, 2016
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Okay, so smelling kits are expensive...

Aromabar - $329 (50 vials)
Aromaster - $469 (88 vials)
Le Nez du Vin - $399 (54 vials)

I can buy 100 2g amber screw top vials on amazon for $20, and I have alot of the scents in raw form, or can obtain them quite easily.

I've read some articles on DIY smelling kits already, but I'd rather get some ideas from the pros here if you've got any ideas. One of the articles I read said they used cheap box wine as the base for all extractions, so they could compare extracts+base vs base only, but I could see this going horribly wrong with oxidation after its used more than a couple times.

Is it just best to extract into water? Or should some form of *thanol or *cohol be used (thinking perfumes).

And go!


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