secondary fermentation

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  1. K

    Time to dump? Moldy?

    Wondering is there is any way to salvage these batches? They've been in secondary fermintation for a while, the longest around 2 years. Racked every 6ish months, but now looks to have growth on the surface. It looks like 3 separate kinds, but are they all spoiled?
  2. Jim Cepaniewski

    I think I killed the fermentation?

    Picked up two pails of Sauvignon Blanc. As I begin primary fermentation I bloomed the yeast and added .48g of Fermaid-O. When I did this the juice irruptdid and I lost quite a bit as it fizz way over the pails. Going forward everything seemed fine. When I racked into my 6 gallon carboys I...
  3. C

    Should I stop fermentation? Should I bottle?

    Hello! I am new to wine making. I did a lot of research before making mine but am still a tad confused. I like wines ranging from semi- dry to sweet. I have 4 gallons fermenting in a dark closet with hand picked grapes from my husband's grannie's vineyard. I have used the large punching balloons...