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    Mold on grape press wood

    Got a call that my pinotage grapes from South Africa will be in shortly and I began going through my materials and noticed that the wooden pieces of grape press appear to have mold or mildew on them. After pressing my grapes in September I cleaned all the parts and stored them in a sealed brute...
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    Detergents similar to Cleanskin?

    Does anyone know of a detergent similar to Cleanskin for tank cleaning? I've been trying to find a safe tank cleaner, and have been recommended Cleanskin, but I can't get it where I am
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    Cleaning Variable Capacity Tanks

    Does anyone have a good protocol for cleaning variable capacity stainless steel tanks? We currently use hot water and steam, but this is either not effective enough or too time consuming. We have been considering trying a caustic-acid wash, but I'm not sure how safe this would be with the moving...