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  1. S

    Aronia Berry Recipe-First Time!

    What is your favorite Aronia Berry Recipe? This berry tastes a lot like a cranberry to me. Has anyone just altered their cranberry recipe, to Aronia instead? First time using them this year! In your opinion, is it better to go straight aronia berry, or add a secondary fruit to it? Quote
  2. JCBurg

    Gewurztraminer/apple holiday wine

    I have a hankering to buy some G.wurtz grapes and mix wine with a fresh apple wine(maybe with a hint of cinnamon) and I wonder if any of you more practiced somaliers out there would tellme if you think this would be a disaster before I spend the money? I've been kicking it around for 2 years now.
  3. P

    Kousa Dogwood Fruit Wine

    Does anyone have a recipe for wine made of Kousa Dogwood Fruit Wine? If so, may I have it?
  4. Mdrew

    add a wiki

    The nature of forums, things tend to get buried in here. How about adding a wiki so we can start indexing and organizing some recipes? There would/could be a link to a specific forum post to discuss that individual recipe or page.
  5. rymily

    Blackberry wine recipe?

    Our second batch of wine is going to be Blackberry. We have 3 pounds of Oregan brand Blackberry puree. Does anyone have a good recipe they'd like to share??