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  1. JCBurg

    Gewurztraminer/apple holiday wine

    I have a hankering to buy some G.wurtz grapes and mix wine with a fresh apple wine(maybe with a hint of cinnamon) and I wonder if any of you more practiced somaliers out there would tellme if you think this would be a disaster before I spend the money? I've been kicking it around for 2 years now.
  2. P

    Kousa Dogwood Fruit Wine

    Does anyone have a recipe for wine made of Kousa Dogwood Fruit Wine? If so, may I have it?
  3. Mdrew

    add a wiki

    The nature of forums, things tend to get buried in here. How about adding a wiki so we can start indexing and organizing some recipes? There would/could be a link to a specific forum post to discuss that individual recipe or page.
  4. rymily

    Blackberry wine recipe?

    Our second batch of wine is going to be Blackberry. We have 3 pounds of Oregan brand Blackberry puree. Does anyone have a good recipe they'd like to share??