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  1. L

    Oxidation after bottling/recorking

    I have recently made pear wine. I bottled after 2 months, and then 2 months after that I have opened a bottle to discover it tastes a little bit sour. I have some acid reducing crystals which I am told can help, and was hoping I could open my bottles, add the crystals, then recork and see if it...
  2. Y

    On the footsies of vinegar flies

    I've read countless posts in countless threads on this forum warning of the dangers of fruit flies landing in your wine causing it to spoil and turn to vinegar. To me this has always seemed a bit ridiculous, and contradicts a lot of how I think about about fermentation and microbes. What is...
  3. M

    Very disappointing taste red grape wine

    Hi everyone, Your input really means a lot to me. I just need some clarification. I have batches that finally survived to 1.000 after a very long journey of cooking up and errors. I racked both into new carboys which eventually ended up with big spaces on the top. The whole story here. I...
  4. 4score

    Oxygen Uptake - Interesting article

  5. S

    Brewing bottle vs Brewing bucket

    I currently have an issue with to few (empty) bottles and some wines which have to be made. I do have two 20L buckets, but i have always thought buckets were less good, as there is more space for air/oxygen, which is bad for the wine. Will it greatly affect the wine (negatively) or can I use...
  6. M

    Carboy Trouble

    Hi, If I am fermenting only 4 gallons of wine in a 5 gallon carboy, will the unoccupied space in the carboy cause a problem during fermentation? I am assuming the unoccupied space is actually occupied by air. So is that going to ruin the wine? Help. Thanks.