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  1. MrTea

    Cork OK as Barrel Closure?

    I purchased one of the 20 liter Hungarian barrels from Morewinemaking.com and it came with a wooden bung but wanted to use a silicone stopper to ensure a good seal so I also purchased their solid and breathable silicone bungs for "small" barrels but both are far too large to fit in the hole. I...
  2. Dom Lausic

    Increasing Bung Hole Size

    Hey Everyone, Has anyone successfully increase the bung hole size of their barrels? My barrels have gone neutral, so i would like to increase the bung hole so that i can easily add and remove oak staves/spirals. The current bung hole size in not "standard" and oak staves/spirals don't fit...
  3. KCCam

    What to do with a “rescued” Innis & Gunn Barrel?

    I found this Innis & Gunn oak barrel beside a garbage dumpster behind a storage unit operation. One of the steel straps is twisted and deformed. I’ve never aged wine in a barrel. Should I repair this and use it? Or cut it up and use it to oak my wine? Or is it maybe really trash?
  4. ringmany

    How can I improve my Cellar Craft Amarone Wine?

    Hi everyone, I've managed to acquire a Cellar Craft Amarone wine kit. This includes grape skins too. As this is going to be my most expensive and best quality kit yet, I'm looking to improve it as much as possible. I'm planning on fermenting as normal in my fermentor. Then I've got a friend...