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  1. safe bomb

    Headspace monitor

    Hi All, We are thinking of making bungs that will glow (red) if the headspace in the barrel grows to more than a specified amount. Will this be of interest to you? Will it save time by addressing only barrels that need topping up, rather than blindly topping up every barrel? and that too...
  2. J

    Fermenter headspace, rising cap

    Next grape season is getting close so my planning phase is in full swing. I’m currently wondering if my fermentation vessel is large enough to accommodate the whole batch of red grapes, if the cap will rise during fermentation. I get the grape must in plastic tuns, filled to the brim. Last year...
  3. B

    Intro + Question on Headspace

    Hello All, I'm new to winemaking and have found this forum helpful in the learning process. I live in San Diego and have made a few batches of Cab and Petite the past few years. I pick grapes from local vineyards and de-stem/crush/press at home. I've picked ~150lbs of grapes each time so end up...
  4. vacuumpumpman

    All in One Headspace Eliminator

    Introducing a new accessory, for the All in One wine pump system. The All in One Headspace Eliminator, Is a simple and cost effective new way to eliminate harmful headspace in your carboy. Why did I come up with idea – For many years I have been trying to come up with an easy and affordable...