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  1. grapesforwine

    Which frozen grape varietals are you interested in?

    Hello Fellow Wine Enthusiasts! We are looking to expand our frozen and bulk grape offerings for 2020 and beyond. For those of you that purchase frozen must buckets, which varietals do you typically buy or would like to buy? Our current selection from Livermore California: Cabernet Sauvignon...
  2. grapesforwine

    2020 Frozen Grape Pre-orders Now Available

    California frozen wine grapes for winemaking delivered directly to you. Browse our selection of quality frozen grape must for sale from top vineyards and order online today. Price? $99 per 50-pound bucket (6-gallon pail) Volume orders? Yes! We do offer volume discounts and are able to ship LTL...
  3. J

    Fermentation Won't Start

    Hi all, I'm in the midst of attempting to ferment a Pinot Noir drum of my first frozen must but am now worried as I haven't been able to get fermentation to start. I know similar instances have been written about in these forums before but everything I've found seems to pertain to stuck...
  4. C

    spanish grape must for winemaking

    I would like to introduce you to Grapemasters- we travel the world to harvest grapes from premiere vineyards and make the must available to home winemkakers. We just completed our Spanish harvest in the Montsant Appleation of Spain and have a great assortment of musts available- cabernet...
  5. mjrisenhoover

    3rd place San Mateo County Fair

    2012 Cabernet made from frozen must from the Musso & Viscussi Vineyard on the Silverado Trail that I got from Brehm's. As far as I know there may have only been three entries but I feel kind of proud about it. The judges notes were very interesting.