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  1. erimmey

    TA testing

    Are there good TA tests or equipment I can buy? I always use the cheap TA test kits off of Amazon and I'm never satisfied. Thank you!
  2. J

    Chilean grapes in California

    Hello fellow winemakers, Does anyone of you know where in California can I buy Chilean or South African grapes? I know that there are a few retailers on the East Coast, but I couldn't find one in California. Thanks
  3. Dom Lausic

    2019 Glen Cellars Vintage

    Here are few pics of our first crush of the season! Crushed 8 cases of Merlot & 8 cases of Zinfandel. Very exciting
  4. C

    Should I stop fermentation? Should I bottle?

    Hello! I am new to wine making. I did a lot of research before making mine but am still a tad confused. I like wines ranging from semi- dry to sweet. I have 4 gallons fermenting in a dark closet with hand picked grapes from my husband's grannie's vineyard. I have used the large punching balloons...
  5. JCBurg

    Malolactic fermentation, should I?

    simple question here, I will be making petite petal this fall, if that matters at all, and I am planning out my steps. When should I begin ML fermentation if at all? How do I know it is time? Is it something that is always done with reds and if not under what conditions would I not do an ML...
  6. RandyB561

    Fresh Grapes from around the World

    I live in Asheville, NC. I have been making wine wince I was 4 years old. Having grown up in Spain. All our wine was made at home from local grapes. I would like very much to find a way to get fresh grapes to Asheville as there are currently none available here. If anyone can lend advice and/or...