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  1. tradowsk

    Hazy mead after backsweetening

    Last night I backsweetened two 1-gallon batches of mead using local wildflower honey. The honey was filtered and appeared very clear in the jar. The mead was also crystal clear at that point, as I had put some kieselsol in it previously. However, after mixing 1/2lb honey in, the mead became...
  2. TikiWine


    How can you tell if the clearing us complete and ready to bottle. Especially with a red wine?
  3. K

    Organic eggshells as a clearing agent

    Good morning all. I started a ginger wine about a month ago and it was taking forever to start to clear. I read on the internet that it could take months to clear . I was impatient. I then asked the internet for a solution and came across an article about using cooked organic egg shells to clear...
  4. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    Topping up help

    Hi all, Tomorrow I'll be stabilizing and degassing my wine and the clearing will be the day after (following the kits instructions). The instructions also say to top up with a similar wine after the clearing. I don't want to have to buy a similar wine to top up my kit. That will double my costs...
  5. C

    Degassing Question for a batch of Dragon Blood

    I have brewed my own beer for several years, but wine is new territory for me. I just purchased an All In One Wine Pump from Steve and used it yesterday to rack 6 gallons of WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry Port and 13 gallons of Dragon Blood. Both of these recipes call for the wine to be...