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  1. J

    Runaway Chardonnay

    I just picked up 9 gallons of Chardonnay juice that started bubbling and continues to bubble even after adding campden tablets. Here is what I have done so far....Last Thursday I picked up the pasteurized juice, kept it refrigerated for 24+ hours, let it get to room temperature (66 deg) and...
  2. Diane Rudnick

    New Winemakers and Backyard Viticulturists

    We are Diane & Ron Rudnick of Liberty Lake Washington (Between Spokane and Coeur d’Alene ID) We are growing 50 vines split between 2 varietals: 25 Pinot Noir Precoce 25 Chardonnay Wente 72 We affectionately are calling our wine and vineyard CRAP Wine Cellars or -...
  3. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    Low initial specific gravity

    So I'm on my second wine kit, identical to my first (which turned out really well), it's a Chardonnay. But with the second kit, the initial specific gravity was low (about 0.9 when it should have been over 1.05). I added sugar to get it up to where it should be, but my question is, why would...
  4. W

    MV Chard Kit - 6 Mo's - No nose, little to no flavor?

    Hi all, The details: Master Vintner Limited Edition 2016: Philosophie Chardonnay Purchased from Northern Brewer in Dec 2017. Yeast that came with kit: Lalvin ICV-D47 Yeast that I substituted for: Lalvin CY3079 French Medium toast cubes used during primary. Bentonite used at the start...
  5. B

    How to reduce citrus flavor?

    I've made a few batches of Argentia Ridge Chardonnay. It consistently comes out too citrusy for my taste. I've aged them on the lees, which seems to help, but it's still a bit too citrusy for me. The other flavors are nice, as is the mouthfeel. I just finished two batches and they're aging in...
  6. C

    Other Chardonnay going in wrong direction

    Hi all, If this is posted in the wrong place, please advise me. I started 5-1/2 gal of wine using "Alexander Sun Country" Pinot Chardonnay concentrate. Since this is my first attempt with this product, I decided to follow "Alexander's Method" to the letter -- as printed on the label...