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  1. CoastalEmpireWine

    Renaissance Bravo

    Has anyone used Renaissance Bravo for Cabernet Sauvignon? I am considering using this yeast but don’t know much about it. In the past I’ve used Renaissance Avante with a Zinfandel that turned out great. I liked the flavor notes that Renaissance posted for Bravo over Avante for a Cabernet. I have...
  2. J

    Using egg whites to soften harsh tannins, or not

    My cabernet sauvignon is aging since last fall, about nine months now. I must say, not really pleased with the results so far. The taste is still very harsh, it makes your tongue and gums go dry. Is it possible it’s over extracted? It has been on skins a long time, cold soaking for three/four...
  3. Denden5136

    Cabernet Sauvignon - Blend Barbera or Charbono?

    A fun question and looking for thoughts on a blend. I have 4 gallons of Cab Sauvignon from my vineyard this year - the grapes were good, but didn't produce a lot. I need my 3 gallon and 1 gallon carboys back and I have a couple of empty 5s. I normally ferment -> age -> blend, but this year I...