Cabernet Sauvignon - Blend Barbera or Charbono?

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Aug 10, 2020
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Contra Costa County
A fun question and looking for thoughts on a blend.

I have 4 gallons of Cab Sauvignon from my vineyard this year - the grapes were good, but didn't produce a lot.
I need my 3 gallon and 1 gallon carboys back and I have a couple of empty 5s.

I normally ferment -> age -> blend, but this year I need the space so will combine this small amount and see what happens - it's only 5 gallons.

I have Charbono and Barbera that I can blend. Which would you do?

All have finished primary

Cabernet Sauvignon:
initial 25 Brix, pH 3.63, TA 6.3 before MLF

Initial 22 Brix, pH3.78, TA 6.0

Initial 27 Brix, pH3.55, TA 7.5

Charbono or Barbera?????
So it sounds like you'll add 1 gallon blend candidate to 4 gallons of Cabernet and put it in a 5 gallon carboy?

If so, that's an easy bench trial. 4 parts cabernet, 1 part blending candidate. Taste. You'd only need a few ml of wine. I'll bet either will be good, and I'd have a slight bias to blend with whichever wine tastes the best on it's own. But just by the numbers, your Barbera sounds interesting.

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