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  1. tradowsk

    Aging samplers

    I have some merlot aging in carboys. These are from whole grapes back in Sept 2020, and have been bulk aging on a bit of oak since Dec 2020. I want to send some 100mL sampler bottles to a friend across country when the wine is ready. I was planning to bottle in a few months and then let it age...
  2. K

    Stubborn label glue removal mistake?

    Hey all, I was hoping to get some guidance on my first wine making/bottling venture. I have a batch of wine just about ready to bottle, and have been gathering used bottles to cut down on the expense. I was able to get the labels off very easily by filling the bottle with boiling water...
  3. Timbo619

    Where to buy cheap wine bottle

    Hi, Does anyone have any great website where they buy cheap wine bottles from? Thanks!