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  1. I

    Peculiar film on top of melomel (and trying to fix the haze)

    I have a blackberry and black cherry melomel that I started brewing in back in early August. Recently during my checks I've noticed a thin, seemingly crystalline, iridescent film on the surface that is strong enough to pin some bubbles beneath it. I've been trying to identify it to make sure...
  2. M

    Iridescent Spots on Year in Bottle Blackberry Wine

    Hi everyone I'm new here and couldn't find an answer through other peoples questions so I thought I'd ask. I have a bottle of Blackberry wine I made in February of 2020. I made it from full Blackberry's pureed and strained through cheese cloth, and some lemon juice. Primary and secondary went...
  3. Cellar Vader

    Blackberry/Blueberry Fermentation

    Well I took advantage of a sale that Meijer currently has on Blackberries AND Blueberries today, and purchased 5# of "Black" and 2# of "Blue." $12 total is a deal by MY standards! I plan to make a 1-gallon batch, and after perusing a number of recipe threads here, I've decided to ferment these...
  4. S

    expanding wine?

    tl;dr, I ended up answering my own question, so this is just a story now. Also, I don't currently own a specific gravity meter, and have been guesstimating according to taste, smell and sound. I figure the added accuracy isn't worth the effort when experimenting with one gallon batches. So...
  5. A

    Hi from Bolivia need advice

    Hello everyone, I am so glad to have found this site. I am currently making wines from different fruits including guava and blackberry. I have encountered a set back with my blackberry wine. The Bolivian health department came back with a negative analysis which states the following. 1)...
  6. rymily

    Blackberry wine recipe?

    Our second batch of wine is going to be Blackberry. We have 3 pounds of Oregan brand Blackberry puree. Does anyone have a good recipe they'd like to share??