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  1. DonnyDarko19

    Purchasing Spring Grapes - Denver, CO

    Hi all, I live in Denver, CO and am trying to find a source for grapes (from Chile, Argentina, etc.) to be shipped here this Spring. So far, I've contacted M&M to see what pricing would be. However, due to the smaller quantities I'm interested in ordering, they only offer 6 gallon buckets of...
  2. Dom Lausic

    Low Starting Gravity for Wine Kit

    Hello Everyone, Starting a new Amarone wine kit today from Argentia Ridge (Costco Canada). Kit comes with 2 bags of juice for 23L. Does not require any water additions. Used left over skins pack from my CC OVZ, and poured the juice packs into the bucket. My SG is 1.074 which I feel is...
  3. B

    How to reduce citrus flavor?

    I've made a few batches of Argentia Ridge Chardonnay. It consistently comes out too citrusy for my taste. I've aged them on the lees, which seems to help, but it's still a bit too citrusy for me. The other flavors are nice, as is the mouthfeel. I just finished two batches and they're aging in...
  4. Tall Grass

    Other Argentia Ridge (costco)

    Hey guys, this is the first kit I've tried and trying to make sure I get it right. I did as the instructions said and siphoned the wine into a carboy on day 7 and what I'm supposed to do now is leave it for 11 days.. Here's what it says Okay.. two issues here.. 1) it's been three days...