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  1. Y

    On the footsies of vinegar flies

    I've read countless posts in countless threads on this forum warning of the dangers of fruit flies landing in your wine causing it to spoil and turn to vinegar. To me this has always seemed a bit ridiculous, and contradicts a lot of how I think about about fermentation and microbes. What is...
  2. S

    Airlock bubbling every 5 seconds!!

    Hey all!! New member here and started my very first batch of wine via wine kit. First day it didn't produce any bubbles at all... got a bit worried so sterilised my stirrer and gave it a wee stir. Next day it was bubbling like crazy! That was on Saturday... its now Wednesday and my airlock is...
  3. TheCoolkid

    First batch. 1 gallon winexpert cab sauv kit

    Hi everyone, I started up my first batch of kit wine 3 days ago, I am about 80 hours into primary fermentation now. It is a 1 gallon winexpert cab sauv kit. It has been holding steady in the 75 degree range and there is still no action in the airlock. The lid of the bucket is locked tight. Could...
  4. J

    MLF airlock level

    Hi all, I am a few weeks into MLF, in the beginning I noticed both my carboys airlock levels showed a positive pressure from inside the carboy, meaning there is some outgassing happening. Now one still shows positive pressure and one negative pressure which I thought was odd. Is there reason to...
  5. Trishatk

    Is my wine fermenting? And is this floating stuff a problem?

    Hi there! Bear with me, this is my first try at making wine, and I have tried following my instructions as close as I can, but I checked my must after I added the rehydrated yeast about 20 hours ago, and there were no bubbles in the airlock, and something has formed at the top. There are a few...
  6. L

    Is it done fermenting yet? beginner here

    I am by no means an experienced winemaker. I have made 2 small gallon batches that were somewhat successful and I am on my 3rd. This is my first 5 gallon batch. I am making it using juice concentrate. I started this batch on 3/28 so it has been exactly a month now that it has been fermenting. I...
  7. N

    My first batch, my first mistakes

    Hello all yee fine ladies and gentlemen, Just finished my first batch and ouch, did something very wrong. I could tell the minute I tasted it. Ever heard of MD 20/20? My batch was slightly worse than that. If it was 1600, and your water was contaminated with feces, and you could either...