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  1. J

    MLF airlock level

    Hi all, I am a few weeks into MLF, in the beginning I noticed both my carboys airlock levels showed a positive pressure from inside the carboy, meaning there is some outgassing happening. Now one still shows positive pressure and one negative pressure which I thought was odd. Is there reason to...
  2. Trishatk

    Is my wine fermenting? And is this floating stuff a problem?

    Hi there! Bear with me, this is my first try at making wine, and I have tried following my instructions as close as I can, but I checked my must after I added the rehydrated yeast about 20 hours ago, and there were no bubbles in the airlock, and something has formed at the top. There are a few...
  3. L

    Is it done fermenting yet? beginner here

    I am by no means an experienced winemaker. I have made 2 small gallon batches that were somewhat successful and I am on my 3rd. This is my first 5 gallon batch. I am making it using juice concentrate. I started this batch on 3/28 so it has been exactly a month now that it has been fermenting. I...
  4. N

    My first batch, my first mistakes

    Hello all yee fine ladies and gentlemen, Just finished my first batch and ouch, did something very wrong. I could tell the minute I tasted it. Ever heard of MD 20/20? My batch was slightly worse than that. If it was 1600, and your water was contaminated with feces, and you could either...