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  1. Wouter

    What's a good process for bringing our plum wine to taste?

    Background How we made our first plum wine batch Last year we moved to a house with a plum tree that treated us generously with ripe and tasty fruit. We froze the leftover fruit (about 20kg) and turned it mid-winter into the beginnings of plum wine. Adding about 12kg (26.5 lbs) of sugar, we...
  2. Robin

    Dandelion Wine

    Decided to make Dandelion wine this year. ONLY one gallon. YIKES, it takes a LOT of flower heads which took hours to pick. Then I sat for hours separating the petals from the green backing. NIce to sit after all the stooping and bending. Good time to think. Just racked into a glass gallon...
  3. Ignoble Grape

    Humidity and Additives

    Hi All - Moved from a relatively dry climate to one with more humidity. Went to add my pectic enzyme to a fresh batch of strawberry wine and it was caked into the bottle. For salt, I add rice grains.... How do you keep your powders fresh if you live in a humid climate? Thanks! Erin