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    Baby Vines - Fungus Help!

    Yep. Kind of fruity-tea with watermelon bouquet.
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    Baby Vines - Fungus Help!

    Sorry, bad spelling. I checked the bottle. It is neem not nim. I used it last week on tomatoes that had powdery-mildew worked great.
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    Baby Vines - Fungus Help!

    Check out NIM oil. Works well for me. Smells nice to boot.
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    Where to buy your Grapes

    My neighbor has about 700 vines, might be interested in selling. Arcadia,WI. As I recall three varieties. Blue bell was one, don’t recall other two. If you are interested let me know and I will ask.
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    Cleaning station

    You mind stopping by and building mine?😊
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    Apfelwein bottling questions

    What I have is a mystery. A native Wisconsin Apple perhaps? The apples are kind of small and they look pretty rough but the flavor and the sweetness is all Very good. I had been ignoring those apples for years until my mom told me to make applesauce. It was amazing. After that I’m thinking...
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    Apfelwein bottling questions

    Definitely agree. Taste is a bit tart, kinda makes you pucker a bit. But on a hot day seems to go down just fine. My ABV is between 7-8. I like it better than store bought stuff and since the apples come from back yard... a win, win.
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    Apfelwein bottling questions

    I get about 48 12 oz bottles using a capper. l add about 4 oz sugar to get the phizz. Back sweeten with stevia. Taste not perfect but I’m not picky. Apples are free😋
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    Large Quantity Batches

    No fruit flies? :?
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    Growing grapes in Wisconsin???

    Just think you would have a place to park that plane in your avatar photo....:h I know a neighbor that would not mind a ride also.
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    Bottle quality rating is there such a thing?

    It seems that wine bottles come in an infinite varieties of shapes, sizes, and colors. The more $$ seem to have thicker necks and the less $ can have same basic shape but thinner glass where the cork gets set. I would assume the more $$ wine bottles are of more value. Is there such a thing...
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    Growing grapes in Wisconsin???

    Snow??? Hey it only snows at night on the weekends and always in the grass so no need take out the shovel... heck the temp never gets below 20 F either.... Ok I might be stretching things just a little.. :h
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    Growing grapes in Wisconsin???

    yep. Its for sale. I hoping whoever buys keeps the grapes growing!
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    Places to get Niagra Juice

    well sorry to say I can not help. You do have my curiosity... what is Niagra juice?