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  1. SherylG

    Hello from Sidney, BC, Canada

    I'm glad its not too bad. Campfires are important!
  2. SherylG

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    I make organic wine from everything I can get. Currently I have one gallon each of cherry and wild blueberry. They are both almost ready to bottle. I have enough rhubarb and apples in the freezer to make 3 gallon batches of each of those. I have a 3 gallon carbuoy with bung, as well as equipment...
  3. SherylG

    Hello from Edmonton

    Wow! That was a great buy! I get most of my supplies from Amazon but do buy one gallon jugs here and there at garage sales. I have made crabapple wine and loved it!
  4. SherylG

    Hello from Sidney, BC, Canada

    Good to meet another winemaker from BC! I'm in Fort Nelson, not too far from the Yukon border, far north but still warm enough to grow lots of berries and fruit for winemaking. Not like the Okanaghan, of course, but still ok. I hear you folks are drowning there on the island. We have had a...
  5. SherylG

    Hello from British Columbia North

    I just found this site and am looking forward to a winter of making wines and wine conversations. I work full time all summer, while collecting material for wine making in the freezer. I take the winters off and spend much of my time making wines. I know its a bit backwards to work in the summer...