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    Best way to transport wine

    When I moved three years back the gallon size were put on the back seat with screw caps. Five gallon size were racked into “camping jugs” (LDPE collapsable cube container)
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    WineXpert First Kit ;( > Torrentes & Muscat <

    INTERESTING a question on instructions, These instructions and SourGrape’s old instructions seem to have forgotten to add yeast nutrient/ include a nutrient package. That was already included in the juice? , , , add Fermaid anyway? I haven’t seen a grape or country wine which didn’t put in...
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    WineXpert First Kit ;( > Torrentes & Muscat <

    Yes Bryan, it was fun doing the demo. Luckily no one picked up on that we didnt exactly follow directions, ,, or object to this, ,, and I didn’t pick up on it till reading the directions when we got the six gallon with it home. Another laugh was that the kits were mixed up and the one with our...
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    Racking wine's with small seeds/pulp

    My primary answer is the reverse of @winemaker81 i have PVC tubes with holes. A six inch tube gives a snug fit on some straining bags, otherwise I hang the bag inside and spring clip a larger bag over the rim. A carboy of Wine is carefully bailed into the bag and pulp in side the bag gets...
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    Added P.Meta Before End of Fermentation - What to Expect?

    a week late but for future potassium sorbate does not kill yeast, it stops them from reproducing, ie if the yeast is actively fermenting the existing population will continue fermenting. * metabisulphite will kill yeast, commercial strains are more tolerant to free SO2 so some could be alive. *...
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    Totally new to wine making.. Chokecherry wine!

    welcome to Wine Making Talk * my choke cherry, has a strong astringent flavor. One of the comments in the vinters club is that choke cherry tastes better at year ten than year one (the tannins fall out of solution). I bottled a batch this spring which will sit at least into year two before I...
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    Other To Much Yeast?

    Yeast are canibalistic, if you put excessive yeast in a wine it will act as yeast nutrient, 1.5 grams per gallon of Fermaid O, ,,, (ie killed yeast) with a second gram of Fermaid K at 1/3 sugar is standard dosage. One week on a fresh ferment will be aerobic so it is OK, in the half kilo package...
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    Greetings From Finland

    Welcome to Wine Making Talk, , , so you like red grape wine > possible options * last year I made a “BIG RED” from mulberry juice and tannins from the bottle * elderberry was the English answer to tannic French wines * haskap, especially varieties with Russian genetics have a tannic bite and...
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    Looks oxidized?

    I haven’t done bench trials on either of these to optimize number of drops dosage so I will be interested in what you like, (the vinters club is looking at a judge training program); volatile acidity, VA; add a drop of 100 grain vinegar to 750 of wine. Mix using a tasting cork. Pour a wine glass...
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    Looks oxidized?

    sherry;. Sherry flavor is fairly pleasing but will mask all fruity aromatics from grape. Sherry flavor is produced from a slow oxidation of alcohol. ,, store some wine with 1/4 inch ullage in a pint plastic milk bottle (LDPE) with a solid cork for six months. Taste at three months and again at...
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    Warm spots in must 18 hours after sulfites?

    Yeast fermentation produces heat. When I do refrigerator with inkbird controlled fermentations I typically see the wine two degrees warmer than the refrigerator air. ,,, Hot spots are normal with high viscosity. What to do? You have a risk of getting an infection / off flavor in the fruit, so I...
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    WineXpert First Kit ;( > Torrentes & Muscat <

    can you send a photo of an old instruction sheet? what is being demonstrated is modern, but I am tempted to try to make a poster to talk from which says "Making wine from a kit is relatively easy" Thanks
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    Water Filtration System

    For wine making today I use tap water. Cleaning at home is with soft water. Testing/ glassware/ pipettes is distilled water. (Surface water living in Houston I would filter) I am in the midwest now, there is calcium in the water. Up side! calcium will buffer low pH northern grown grape so...
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    New here and to wine making.

    Welcome to Wine Making Talk Diane. The first question is what are you thinking about making? example excess garden produce or California grapes from the neighbors.
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    WineXpert First Kit ;( > Torrentes & Muscat <

    Well egg on my face time! I have never put a kit together. AND next thursday I will find myself on the demonstration stage at state fair with a “Wine Expert LE Torrentes & Muscat” kit. ,, AND to complicate this the kit is already waiting at state fair. Does anyone have the instruction sheet for...