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    Corks not seating correctly

    Degassing is very important, but I don’t think it’s the issue here. These corks never went in all the way, correct? I’ve had similar problems over the years, with my floor corker. Mine always was the bottles. I use all recycled bottles, and they vary all over the place. Now I toss out the...
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    Mrs JohnT.

    John, You and your wife are in our prayers. Doug
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    Original Skeeter Pee Recipe

    Yes, sounds like you were tasting that grain alcohol!!!!
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    Shrinking bottle capsules

    I have a heat gun and it is more convenient to use on small batches, but I still use the tea kettle when I’m not in a hurry.
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    Original Skeeter Pee Recipe

    Lon used old Modelo bottles, makes for a single serving drink. I use both 1.5l and 750ml bottles. I have a couple hundred beer bottles that I may use. I haven’t made beer in almost a year, but I make skeeter pee often, so next batch may go to beer bottles.
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    Favorite Muscadine Varieties?

    By the way, thanks for resurrecting this thread.
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    Favorite Muscadine Varieties?

    I planted Carlos and magnolia when I moved to Delaware and retired beginning of last year. None of them made it through the winter, so I need to protect them somehow. I should be able to grow them in my zone 7b.
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    Out Of Date

    I just fermented an Orchard Breezin Cranberry craze kit that was a good two years old. I just added the f-pack and it looks kinda ugly, but the taste isn't too bad. Its clearing now. I kept the yeast in the frig., so even though it was expired, it worked. I'll check the kit date and let you...
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    Lemon-Lime Skeeter Pee

    Yes, aging helps a lot in my opinion
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    Lemon-Lime Skeeter Pee

    Only 7 bottles remain of my most recent batch of Lon's original recipe. Going to the store tonight for more lemon and lime juice. The wife likes the original best, so I have to make a batch just from her.
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    Floor Corker

    red one for me, two years now and its a real time and spilt wine saver.
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    What are your 2017 goals?

    I've decided to retire on February 28th. Concentrate on fishing, since I moved to the beach. Make more wine, especially the dry reds, too many friends don't like the sweet wines (but lot of my wife's friends do!) Make more beer. Only made one batch to date! Live long and prosper!
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    update to my list 01-13-2017 Finished: 1. Wild Berry White Zinfadel. - Summer Breezin kit - 12 gallons 2. Niagara - Walkers hotpack juice - 5 gallons 3. Wine Expert Riesling Ice Style Wine(kit) - 3 gallons 4. Original Skeeter Pee (Lon's recipe) - 24 gallons 5. Candy Cane - 3 gallons 6. Concord...
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    First Skeeter Pee

    Nice looking Pee!:h