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    Agave wine

    Wow, why would you make army worm wine? has anyone ever tasted it? I'm not sure I would.
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    I cant take credit for this one but I saw somewhere that a break line pump worked really well. I gave it a shot and was pleased. But its not automatic so there is still some manual labor
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    Agave wine

    who is seth, did I miss something?
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    Lemon Kilji ( or whatever is name is)

    So what makes this different from skeeter pee?
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    Lemon Kilji ( or whatever is name is)

    I've never heard of Lemon Kilji, what is it & what recipe are you using?
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    I agree with Minnesotamaker, you should not have to add any more yeast, I have a post about how much yeast you need to add to get started on my web site entitled: How Much Yeast? It does a very nice job answering your question. Also if you do not have a hydrometer get one, its worth the 6 bucks.
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    Adding Sugar During Fermentation

    Why do you want to add the additives 24 hours before the yeast?
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    Agave wine

    I'm new to all this, I had a high starting gravity so I used a strong yeast Lavin EC-1118. I used the nectar. All the details are on my site under Making Agave wine How does this batch look?
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    Thanks Wade it lots of really good info there! So the first batch I made a was cheap easy batch in a milk jug with lemons and a tea bag and some raisins and no additives. What did/do these do?
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    Latest Batches......

    Those all sound great!
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    Blue/Black Berry Mead

    This sounds really good how is it coming?
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    Agave wine

    I was wondering if anyone has made wine from agave necter, I started a batch not too long ago, it is mostly done fermenting now. I tried some and its really good, its very light, but I used light necter. I'm going to start another batch with a darker nectar and then I'll probablle even give this...
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    vtwinemaker, I'd love to help develop the sofeware in any way, just let me know what I can do
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    Very good idea, I like the fact that everything is online, and that I can schedule and get automatic "reminders"
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    Not what I had in mind but that is a nice spread sheet I'll probably use that, thanks.