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    Hello from south of Pittsburgh, new here

    Welcome Alex. Lots if good people here to learn from. I have used grape juice buckets and made some country fruit wines too. I like the juice buckets and plan on doing more both spring and fall this year. where are you specifically? I’m from Steubenville. Joe
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    Kumquat wine help please

    I made 3 gallons a year ago. Was a pain to start the fermentation required several yeast tries to get going. Pectic enzyme will be important to break down fruit and to get rid of the haze. It’s a nice clear white wine but will need another 6-9 months aging to mellow. Rather strong alcohol still...
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    Corks not going into bottle all the way

    Good suggestions all. These corks worked fine in another bottling effort using the Portuguese corker. The two hand corker just didn’t seem to be able to seat them far enough down this time. Maybe 1/4 inch above the top of the bottle. White wine that i want to age another 6-9 months. I can try...
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    Corks not going into bottle all the way

    I am at my daughter's home and tried to bottle some wine we made together using a hand corker but some of these bottles didn't allow the cork to go in all the way and sit above the neck- six bottles. Would it be better to pull these corks when I get home and use my Portuguese corker on new...
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    What’s wrong with whipping to degas?

    You could do the DIY pump using a HF vacuum pump.
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    Kumquat plus tropical fruit

    The finished product!
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    Kumquat plus tropical fruit

    Added simple sugar syrup today plus sorbate and kmeta before bottling. Yield was 16 full. Beautiful light yellow color. Will likely age it another 6 months before trial. Definite kumquat citrus flavor not sure how to describe it.
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    Kumquat plus tropical fruit

    Update: This is now 11 months since beginning. Tasted it today. Very strong alcohol, nice light color, taste is hard to describe but you can get kumquat flavors. I will be bottling this soon and plan on backsweetening a little. But the alcohol taste is strong- Any ideas about that? Joe
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    Cleaning station

    My garage has hot and cold faucets on an interior wall. I’d put the washtubs there then drain it into a sewer drain in the garage floor midway across the room. Thinking about using flexible piping like a pool drain extending to that drain only when using the tubs. Not sure if I even need a pump...
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    Cleaning station

    I want to do a wash tub like berrycrush in my garage. I have the hot/cold faucets and supply lines all set up but oddly no drain pipe! I would have to cut the concrete floor to connect to a drain! Don’t really want to do that.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome !
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    Hello & new from north central WV

    Welcome Tim. Good folks here ask questions.
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    I thought it was clear - Red

    What John said!
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    Apple wine - needs more acid

    I am watching this one. similar issue with a pear wine from last year. I decided to let it bulk age for several more months then will add some acid blend for tartness. Probably more aging afterwards. Aiming to bottle that sometime next summer. Nice color very light on pear taste though. My next...
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    Our first Wine show....

    Wishing you a successful 2020 despite the hurdles you have yet to overcome. Keep up the good work! Joe
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