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  1. Jal5

    Best label removal hack EVER

    That oven trick produced too much fumes for me. I may try the boiling water idea though.
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    Fall juice buckets

    Welcome! You CAN get juice buckets in PGH in the strip district look up CFP online. Nice folks and a pretty good price. They can help you make a selection if youcall them. I plan on doing one or two buckets from them myself. joe
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    Disassembling a floor corker

    I have been wanting to take my Portugese corker apart for maintenance but chickened out so far. One if the best pieces of equipment I have!
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    Best label removal hack EVER

    For some reason I cannot stand the smell of goo gone! Can’t use it on my Wine bottles. I stick to heatgun then will try the baking soda and oil on leftover glue.
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    Must Punchers Anonymous

    I think setting it up so that avgroup makes the wine or beer fir a specific event like a wedding or retirement party could be a seller . Special labels etc.
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    Must Punchers Anonymous

    There is a pub in Pittsburgh that has you brew your own beer and bottle it there. They have all the mess and keep an eye on it’s progress you come back and bottle it. Joe
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    Best label removal hack EVER

    I’ve tried just about every way. My favorite is a heat gun for a couple of minutes then most will peel off. Some still need scraping. Anymore than that and in the recycle bin it goes. Do the heat with air moving or outside- that glue will give you a headache.
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    Bottled pear wine

    Pretty much what I did on this first batch.
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    Bottled pear wine

    Thx Joe! That pear fpac is great. I must try that next time.
  10. Jal5

    Bottled pear wine

    thx dawg. I like the pear/apple combo and will definitely try that one. did you dice the pears and apples up or squeeze the juice out of them somehow? Joe
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    Mycoderma treatment

    It’s not bad now after sitting in bottles since May 2020 But I decant it prior to serving and that seems to dissipate any lingering kmeta taste. Joe
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    Bottled pear wine

    This pear wine really grows on you. Nice balance and delicate flavor. Great chilled in refrigerator or on some ice. Will make more next Fall. Joe
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    2nd racking / degassing and bung advice

    I used a hand corker for several years. Even made a wooden jig to hold bottle on a table while corking. But when I bought a used floor corker WOW. What a difference! So much easier, faster and no spills.
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    New sinks!

    I set up a length of 1.5 pvc pipe directly to a floor drain. The sink drain goes into a short piece of pipe then to a 90 deg elbow and from the elbow a quick disconnect adaptor to the long pvc pipe. Works fine. When finished I quick disconnect and store the long pipe till next time.
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    What's in your glass tonight?

    Really good pictures!