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    Post a photo, any photo

    Southern California about a month ago...
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    Gas Price Watch

    $3.19 to $3.59 around Southern California. Hasnt changed too much really for us.
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    How Many Lemons ?

    Mike - where do you get Sorrento lemons? Or are you in Italy? NorCal - sounds like you are at approx 20 lemons per 750ml per bottle of everclear.
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    Limoncello, take 2

    Im going to head to a few stores today looking for Everclear here in CA... not entirely sure what the laws are but online sources are only selling 120 proof (60%) versions in California. If thats all that is available for me at local stores I have found another option. Do a search on Amazon for...
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    Wanting to make a red raspberry wine

    Thank you everyone for all of these tips. I'll have to try stepping up different ways, diff yeasts, back sweetening, etc and see what happens. Will probably do small batches. Need to write down all my ideas and formulate something that makes sense and go from there. This is all new/different to...
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    Wanting to make a red raspberry wine

    Its possible I have no idea what Im talking about :) but the end result would be around 20% alc and sweet.
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    Wanting to make a red raspberry wine

    Tried something similar in Maui a few years ago and it was delicious. I remember it was a sweet dessert wine and around 20% alc made entirely of raspberries. My main question... If I am shooting for around 40 brix to get 20% alc... will this end up being sweet enough as a dessert wine or do I...
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    Finding a one column wine rack in Europe

    There is an excellent book Im reading right now... The Homebuilt Winery: 43 Projects for Building and Using Winemaking Equipment and it goes into detail near the back of the book how to build these and even...
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    Under Stairs Wine Room

    So the closet opens into the 4ft crawl space? Not sure how its laid out...Or is the closet separate from the crawl space area? Maybe I dont understand correctly so I'll say this... if you have a ton of closet space and it wouldnt affect you by removing this small closet then go for it. If...
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    Under Stairs Wine Room

    Are you planning to sell within say five years? If not I wouldnt worry about it too much. Worst case scenario when selling would be "honey look! a secret wine cave!"
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    Limoncello, take 2

    Im excited to make some limoncello, thank you for posting this! I havent yet read the entire thread but I have a lot of orange trees on my property that are ripening and I want to make use of them somehow... has anyone made the using orange and if so how does it come out? And compared to...
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    Do wineries do this?

    Thanks Fred... I can understand basic stuff like sugar, tannins, concentrates, acids, etc. So wineries dont add in non grape fruits like blueberries or cherries? Are there "rules" that designate what can and cannot be used? Just from a newbie perspective I would think some of these additions...
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    Do wineries do this?

    As I am totally new to wine making Ive been thinking about this and where better to ask! After reading through some of the "tweaking cheap kits" thread to get some ideas on my first batch I added a few things to my wine such as berries. The question is this and one Ive always wanted to know...