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    Satsuma Wine

    I have about 3 1/2 gallons of satsuma juice in the freezer that I pressed from fresh satsumas back in the fall and want to make wine out of. Have a few questions that I hope you all can help me with. 1-Are there any issues with making a wine from citrus juice, such as getting fermentation...
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    Did I mess up my Skeeter Pee?

    Thanks for the advice! Put the must back into the primary bucket. Then I agitated it a whole lot today with the drill and a mixing wand to try to help with the removal of the K-meta I accidentally added. Then took "winepittsburg" advice with making a yeast starter and then slowly adding the...
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    Did I mess up my Skeeter Pee?

    I've got my first batch of Skeeter Pee going. Been 9 days and specific gravity was down to 1.026, so I decided to go ahead and rack from bucket to carboys under airlocks. Problem is I added campden tablets, thinking I was racking after fermentation was complete. Really mad at myself for making...
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    Wine bottles

    OK thanks for the replies. Think I'll just throw the screw top bottles away and keep collecting those that came with corks.
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    Wine bottles

    Wondering if you all use wine bottles that had screw on lids for bottling your wine using corks? I have about a dozen that were given to me, but want to make sure the stress from the corks on the bottle necks won't crack the bottles. Thanks in advance!
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    Not really sure if I have a problem or what...

    OK thanks for the replies. So sounds like I don't need to be worried at this point, and as it ages, it'll get better. That makes me feel better. Like I said, I don't have anyone to ask to taste it, or to get advice from. I will just let it age and continue racking every couple of months...
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    Not really sure if I have a problem or what...

    Newbie question; Since I'm new to winemaking though I'd make a couple batches from concentrate as a trial run before trying something more complicated. I started a batch of Welch's grape and a batch of apple/cherry wine back on July 3rd. Added k-meta and transferred from primary to secondary on...
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    Question on "topping off"

    Brittydagal - I know this is nothing to do with your question on topping, but curious as to whether that thing in the top of your carboy is a wine theif or an air lock? If airlock, I've never seen one like that. What kind is it? Thanks!
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    Newbie-primary & secondary fermentors

    Hello everyone. New to the forum and new to wine making as well. Been reading books and watching YouTube videos on wine making for a while now and about ready to order equipment and supplies and get started. I'm going to be a small batch guy and having trouble deciding on primary and...