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    And I use #10 in my water cooler bottles. Bill
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    Ferment on in the US?

    Just read elswhere that the Canadian FOP model is illegal in the US. In the US you have to be either licenced as a winery, or if an FOP use a model known as a Home winemaking center. They can rent space to the customer but the customer must do all steps. The FOP owner is not allowed get...
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    Actual starting SG with rasins

    According to Lucs blog they are about 60% sugar. Bill
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    Ferment on in the US?

    Thats expensive. The finished 16L-18L kits at an FOP here run $150-$170. The finished 10liter kits about $110- $115 last I checked. We pay more for commercial wine here, so someone using an FOP here would still be saving quite a bit. You don't do anything but bottle. (legally you are...
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    Wine Bucket homemade

    The number in the triangle is only for recycling. It may or may not be food grade depending what else was used, dyes etc. Wikipedia has a list of the numbers and what plastics they represent. Bill
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    Sparkling wine instructions

    Wade, If your talking about the gravity fed automatic bottle filler from Buon Vino look around for the original red ones, they're still around. The new white ones they started making here don't seem to be as good. The adjustable rubber slide for filling depth is a loose fit and the shut off...
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    Alternatives to labeling bottles

    I used to print labels on an inkjet and use a glue stick, but have now streamlined things. Painters masking tape. Tear a piece off. stick on bottle write what ever information you want on it. So far it stays on, comes off easy when done. Fast, easy, cheap, and the wine tastes just as...
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    Dry fruit wines

    No sugar left after ferment. No back sweetening. Bill
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    Dry fruit wines

    Any tips on making dry fruit wines. I've been searching and am getting the impression I need to pay closer attention to acid levels in dry fruit wines?. Also think a little grape tannin might go well in low tannin dry fruits wines?. (I like tannins) Anything I should pay closer attention too...
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    Racking systems?

    I think wine bottle wall racks :-) Bill
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    Sugar in Wine making

    Thanks, Bruno. Might try a little brown sugar. Bill
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    Sugar in Wine making

    Thanks, Bob I may try a little when I make mine. I take it you decided it may be better dry after you tasted it. Bill
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    Sugar in Wine making

    I've seen a couple of recipes for srawberry wine using brown sugar. Anybody made strawberry this way. Bill
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    So much for the Fizz-x

    I'm not putting 27 inches on the carboy wade, just could:D. I'm keeping it around 23. Just got back upstaires after another round of shaking, seem to be getting a little less foam. I'm using the fizz-x the same way you are, forward and reverse bursts, but with a 3/8 110v drill. I got tired...
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    So much for the Fizz-x

    Nope didn't hit anything. Just felt the torque go down to nil, pulled it out just the shaft left. Most winemaking equipment I have to get mail order (I think this one came from Newfoundland)so I don't have a local store I can take it back to. Bill