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    Racking hose cleaning

    Why not just replace the tubing occasionally? It’s one of the cheaper insurances you can buy. Contaminated tubing can cause ugly stuff to grow in your wine. Just buy 100’ coils and cut to desired length and toss out the old stuff from time to time or especially if you find stuff you don’t like...
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    Broken Corks/Bottle Tops

    What kind of bottle opener are you using. Also, I recommend Nomacorc #9 synthetic. Never break or crumble and seal tight even if not fully inserted. Cost a bit more but only pennies per bottle more.
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    WE Island Mist Tweaks

    Who knows, you might like it dry without adding anything. Should be interesting. I would have probably added the extra grape pack as well.
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    Do you use tap water for wine making ?

    My well water makes very good wine kits as well as fruit wines. The well is 60’ deep in a water producing seam of sand. Magnesium is high but most dissipates when it leaves the aerated tap. My feeling is if your tap water is drinkable, no serious off odor, color or taste, then there is no reason...
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    SO2 Before Bottling Question

    Why is that I never add Kmeta and have yet in 12 years had any wine go bad? Does the alcohol and ph protect it? Did they use Kmeta in the old days?
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    Fermentation bag and weights

    I agree, that’s what the experts say, but in 12 years of doing it this way I have had nothing but superb results. Never even had an off smell. If left for longer time maybe that would occur but I’m guessing the acidic ph and alcohol prevents it. Or maybe Ne and my friends just don’t know what...
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    Fermentation bag and weights

    Actually, I find the air lock bubbles to be a fairly useful way to track the progress of fermentation. When you watch for several minutes and see no bubble activity you can assume fermentation is nearing completion. Then use your hydrometer to check SG to verify your “assumptions”. I also use...
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    port. floor corker problem

    Good photos. I see nothing wrong with the bottles. It looks like the plunger is out of alignment. I would exchange corker for another one. Mine works great. Must be very frustrating to have that problem with it.
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    port. floor corker problem

    A photo of bottle and a photo of bottle on corker would help. Also send photo of underside of corker where rim of bottle rests. Would be unusual but possible that corker has a manufacturing problem, bent metal or something. Some bottles, the very heavy ones, are larger than standard at the top...
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    vacuum pump for bottling?

    This post is pretty old but hoping you are still member who can answer a questionhave one but I’m not sure what to connect to the vacuum pump. I tried just hooking the short hose to the vacuum and liquid flowed but when bottle filled the auto shutoff did not close and liquid started to suck...
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    Island Mist Coconut Yuzu

    Wine is not out of balance. The white grape concentrate adds body to the island mist white wine kits plus increases ABV which is now about 12.5%. Coconut taste is just too strong for my taste. The taste comes from the F-pack added after ferment. Those who like coconut should love this wine. Just...
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    Island Mist Coconut Yuzu

    great suggestion. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
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    Island Mist Coconut Yuzu

    Made the island Mist Coconut Yuzo kit boosted with a box of white grape concentrate and 2.5 pounds of sugar. All turned out great except now I have 30 bottles of coconut wine that we don’t care for. The coconut flavor is overpowering. Any suggestions for modifying or blending this wine would be...
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    Home vinter

    Home vinter
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    Kit Wine Taste

    Same here. No off taste or odor in kits I have made however I generally only make the sweet summer fufu kits for the gals and high end seasonal special edition kits for their unique flavors. Mostly I make wine from juice, Chilean in the spring and California juice in the fall. Here I can get 6...