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  1. Dom Lausic

    Cellar Craft CC Showcase Lodi Zinfandel

    Hello All! Getting ready to make my CC Showcase Zinfandel, which I am very excited for! I've put together my plan of attack and wanted to see if anyone had some feedback for this particular kit/style. I've read through a bunch of threads, and the only thing I'm not too certain about are...
  2. Obelix

    Enoferm Syrah for Zinfandel

    Hi everyone Can Enoferm Syrah be used for Zinfandel? I used it last year for Shiraz (crushed around 300kg), and it turned out pretty good. This is my second year of wine making and I have a glimmer of hope that I can get Zinfandel this year instead of Shiraz. Have nearly a kilo of Enoferm...
  3. wrongway

    How to make Zinfandel wines?

    Hello Everyone, I am very new to wine making. I have always been fond of wines like the Arbor Mist Zinfandel's. Any recipes or other information on making similar wines would be much appreciated! Thanks Darrell