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  1. tjmeyer

    Zinfandel grapes -> wine! A new member's introduction via a 75L of red deliciousness.

    I thought since I'm new to the forum and in need to break the ice, it would be fun to do a batch together! This time I thought it would be a cool idea to sort of "group think" this batch from start to finish. Well, almost start to finish, the must we received is the must we've got to work with...
  2. RandyB561

    Fresh Grapes from around the World

    I live in Asheville, NC. I have been making wine wince I was 4 years old. Having grown up in Spain. All our wine was made at home from local grapes. I would like very much to find a way to get fresh grapes to Asheville as there are currently none available here. If anyone can lend advice and/or...