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  1. Ellvee

    Rehabilitating 40 year old vines?

    Hello everyone! Brand new member here. My husband and I recently purchased the old homestead that his grandparents built, and over the past few years have been renovating the house and 15+ acres, putting in gardens and fruit trees, etc. This summer whilst putting in some new blueberry bushes...
  2. R

    New Pinot Noir Vines Not Anything

    Hi all! I have planted 30 pinot noir vines 3 weeks ago and they aren't doing anything. The vines arrived from cold storage from the supplier. I put them in water the night before I planted them and kept them in the water while I planted them. They are planted 4 feet apart and the soil was...
  3. JCBurg

    Should I prune off bug damage?

    greetings again forum! The war against Japanese beetles is on and I find myself on the front lines. Last year almost every plant was stripped bare I. The yard but this year we are having some success in fighting them and keeping the foliage full and healthy. My question for you grape growers is...
  4. balatonwine

    How Would You Trim It

    Started managing a neighbor's vineyard. Trimming has been "interesting". Prior management seems to have been, for want of a better word: "minimal". So I keep coming upon weirdly trimmed vines that were allowed to grow in bizarre shapes. As I will need to run equipment in the rows, I have to...