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    White mildew on grapes - cleaning?

    A very friendly neighbor graciously let me harvest their grape vine since they weren't using it, which is awesome. However, since they weren't taking care of it, the grapes have some pretty widespread powdery white mildew on them. I washed them with water before freezing them but it's difficult...
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    Help with identification of 100 year old grape vine and a problem that has developed in the last two years

    Hi, I was wondering if any one out there can help with the identification of a 100 year old grape vine. To get a sense of the size of it i have attached some photos showing it in the conservatory of our house in the U.K. and a leaf for identification. The grape vine was planted by my wife's...
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    Grape Vine Identification

    Im hoping to make some wine from my grapes that are growing along my property line on a chainlink fence. Ive done a lot of picture perusing of grape vine pictures but I cannot seem to find a grape leaf that has such intense seration. Its almost looks as if the leaf is whorled. The grapes are...