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  1. Denden5136

    Titration the New World Way (8.2) or the old world way (7.0)?

    I was given a question about whether there is a theoretical advantage of titrating the TA sample to a pH of 8.2, or using the old world method of titrating to 7.0. My thoughts are that the titration is at the equivalent point near 7.0 (weak acid/weak base), so using phenolphthalein would be a...
  2. J

    For Sale So Many Wine Making Supplies! Vacuum Bottler, Glassware, Titration Kit, and More!

    Hello! I have a ton of wine making supplies available. Would like to sell as one lot. Located in Seattle area. Some highlights: DIY Automatic Vacuum Bottle Filler (Link to youtube vid) Bottle Corker Bottle drying rack Titration Kit Vacuum Pump and fittings for racking/bottling Refractometer...
  3. Tall Grass

    PH vs Titration ?

    I haven't done any acidity testing yet but after a few 1 gallon 'experimental' batches I'm considering getting an acid testing kit but it seems like the PH strips would be the easier way of doing it. Most of the local brew shops carry the titration kits which are relatively cheap. Now I'm...