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  1. L

    SG of 0.900 after fermentation

    This is my first attempt with a 4 week Cab Sav red wine kit. After diluting the grape juice concentrate (Bentonite, oak chips) the SG was 1.090. Added yeast, fermentation looked fine, lots of bubbles in the airlock, temp 65 to 75. At day 14, SG is 0.990. I racked it today into a carboy and added...
  2. M

    High PH in White Wine from Grapes

    Thank you in advance for anyone willing to lend their knowledge! I have about 10.5 gallons of a mix of Chardonel and Vidal Blanc must that has already gone through primary fermentation (.25 brix at this moment) and racked twice. The must is from crushed/pressed grapes grown in Western PA so I...
  3. M

    Bitter Wine Help

    Some background: Harvested and pressed Vidal Blanc and Chardonel in October in Western PA. Have about 10 gallons total. Fermented from 1.090 to dry. Had to add in some acid blend but used a kit to do so. PH is about 3.4 for both. Have racked with campden about 4 times now. It’s clear and...
  4. D

    Some really tart wine

    Hi, This is my second attempt at making a Johanisberg Riesling from a kit. I have followed the directions exactly and have kept my equipment very clean using 1 step for everything. Both times fermentation occured like normal (Primary fermentator is the white bucket with a fermentation lock)...