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  1. MiBor

    Correcting Color of White Wine

    Here is a challenging question for the experts: can white wine be color corrected? The background story behind this question goes like this: distant relative wannabe winemaker makes a 6gal batch of chardonnay from juice. Everything went OK until he decided to dial in the taste before bottling...
  2. Leela

    Add Tannin to blueberry wine?

    Any people out there experienced in making blueberry wine have an opinion on whether or not to add tannin to blueberry wine. It's my understanding that blueberries already contain plenty, so would adding tannin effect the taste negatively?
  3. H

    Bench Testing To-Taste

    Okay, I'm relatively new to this "make your own" business. In fact, this newbie is planning his first-ever "real" batch this weekend. Over the past couple of months I've been reading everything I found on two or three different forums, Jack Keller's page, Luc Volders' blog, and countless recipes...
  4. Tall Grass

    Adding tannin

    I have a 5 gallon batch of welch's concentrate blubbing away right now.. 12 days so far (primary fermentation in a carboy.) It's eaten away about 70% of the sugar so it'll probably be another 5 or 6 days before the first racking but can I top this off with a cup or two of strong black tea...