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  1. tradowsk

    Hard cider TOSNA issue

    I got a gallon of fresh pressed cider from my local orchard (UV pasteurized, but otherwise completely natural). I'm making a hard cider with it and was going to follow the TOSNA-3 schedule to add nutrients since I read cider wouldn't have all the nutrients needed for yeast (EC-1118). My OG was...
  2. ou8amaus

    Ahk! Rotten egg in Mosti All juice!

    Started a Mosti Mondiale Sonoma Edition Petit Syrah on Nov 8th. 6gal refrigerated all juice with crushed grapes. Fermentation had already started when I got the bucket so I do not know what the starting SG was, but it went from 1.062 on my day 1 to 1.018 in 4 days. At that point (and per the...