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  1. A

    Off-note (sulfur?) in apple wine

    I'm looking for any suggestions for an apple wine that's got an off, unpleasant note to it. It may be sulfur? It's not strong enough to knock you over by the smell, but it's distinctly unpleasant. I've let the wine sit for an hour and it improves some, but does not go away. I remember seeing...
  2. tradowsk

    Hard cider TOSNA issue

    I got a gallon of fresh pressed cider from my local orchard (UV pasteurized, but otherwise completely natural). I'm making a hard cider with it and was going to follow the TOSNA-3 schedule to add nutrients since I read cider wouldn't have all the nutrients needed for yeast (EC-1118). My OG was...
  3. ou8amaus

    Ahk! Rotten egg in Mosti All juice!

    Started a Mosti Mondiale Sonoma Edition Petit Syrah on Nov 8th. 6gal refrigerated all juice with crushed grapes. Fermentation had already started when I got the bucket so I do not know what the starting SG was, but it went from 1.062 on my day 1 to 1.018 in 4 days. At that point (and per the...